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About Us


With strong determination to tone up their bodies and embark on a challenge, two ladies decided to take the plunge and registered for trial classes in pole fitness a year ago. Today, not only are they delighted by their progress every week, pole-ing has become deeply entrenched in their lives. 

Yes, that's us and how our fitness journey began! A simple story that took lots of discipline, practice and energy, but giving us the confidence, strength, and healthier bodies in return.

Since then, we have constantly been on the lookout for unique and versatile fitness apparels that can bring us from our workout classes to the gym, the beach, and even to a lunch date with our girlfriends. It's true, looking good while feeling comfortable is the key to being the sexiest and most confident lady alive!

You, can be a luxury. 

With this, ActiveLuxe is created. We are dedicated to bringing you fitness apparels from the brands we love, and hope that you will feel as amazing as we did when we wore them. 

We see people from all walks of life who are fellow fitness enthusiasts and they all inspire us in different ways. Whether you are doing yoga, pilates, pole dance, zumba, or just a simple gym workout, we hope that our high-performance and stylish apparels will get you motivated and moving.

Let's keep our passion on fire and be that strong, active woman wherever we go!